Golden Earring

The Devil Made Us Do It (2000)


Please Go
That Day
If You Leave Me
Daddy Buy Me A Girl
Don't Run Too Far
In My House
Sound Of The Screaming Day
Together We Live, Together We Love
I've Just Lost Somebody
Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart
Where Will I Be
Another 45 Miles
Back Home
Holy Holy Life
She Flies On Strange Wings
Buddy Joe
Stand By Me
Radar Love
Instant Poetry
(Kill Me) Ce Soir


Movin' Down Life
Weekend Love
I Do Rock 'N Roll
Long Blond Animal
Twilight Zone
The Devil Made Me Do It
When The Lady Smiles
Clear Nite, Moonlight
Quiet Eyes
My Killer, My Shadow
Turn The World Around
Going To The Run
Hold Me Now
Burning Stuntman
Paradise In Distress
Yes! We're On Fire

Other songs

42nd Street
Bad News to Fall in Love (with a mean motherucker)
Deja Voodoo
Desperately Trying to Be Different
Evil Love-Chain
Fluid Conduction
Gambler's Blues
One night without you
Take my hand-Close my eyes
The Fighter
Whisper in a crowd




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