Ilse DeLange

Livin' On Love (2000)

Good Thing
Naked Heart
Ride The Wind
I Still Cry
Beyond Gravity
Livin' On Love
Peaceful In Mine
When You Put It Like That
Always Overcome
Breathe In, Breathe Out
Everywhere I Go


Dear John (1999)

It'll come to you
Child of the wild blue yonder
Angel eyes
Inside job
Riding with the king
Sure pinocchio
Feels like rain
Back of my mind
Have a little faith in me

World of Hurt (1998)

Flying Blind
Lonely Too
Just Like The Moon
What Does You Heart Say Now
I'd Be Yours
World Of Hurt
All The Woman You'll Ever Need
If You Had The Heart
Flying Solo
Old Tears
I'm not so tough
When We Don't Talk
Tapdancing On The Highwire